Success Stories

Austi’s Testimonial

My name is Christie and I am 33 years old. I have been using Complexion Clear Pads and Rejuvenating Cream for 4 months and I have never had better skin than I do now!  I never suffered from extreme acne but I have always needed to use a foundation to cover my blemishes and still was never able to hide them.  I tried many other products including prescribed mediation which only irritated my sensitive skin and stopped working after a couple months.  Since using Complexion Clear I find that I can go without a foundation and I feel confident in the appearance of my skin.  Not only does it look better it feels amazing!  No bumps or dryness!  Complexion Clear has given me the clear skin I have always dreamed of having.

I also love the Complexion Clear masque. I noticed the benefits the very first time using it!  My skin was radiant! It was smooth and I looked younger after just one use.  I feel a huge difference in the feel of my skin.  It is firm and soft- and blemish free.  I find that it has even helped in minimizing my pores and reducing the scars left from old blemishes.


This is by far the best product I have ever used for acne. Like most people, I’ve tried many other acne products and they work for a month or so and then my acne comes back. I’ve used Complexion Clear Pads and Rejuvenation Cream for three months now and my skin has never looked better! I’ve recently added the Oral Acne Control and find I even feel better.

Give it a try! You won’t regret it.


I love this stuff! From the moment you apply the first pad to your skin you can feel it working. I had moderate to severe acne and my skin was clear in just one month. I also use the rejuvenation cream and volcanic ash masque and absolutely love it. My skin has never been so clear, soft and smooth. Highly recommended!


I have very sensitive and acne prone skin so I can’t use any acne products that burn the skin. A friend told me about complexion clear and it is excellent. I use the pads and rejuvenation cream twice daily. There are no side effects and my skin was almost clear in two weeks. Try it!!


I’m a pretty harsh critique when it comes to products for my skin. These products have been a miracle for me. The first time I used the Complexion Clear treatment system I saw a difference in my skin immediately. The pads and rejuvenation cream are best are the best acne products I have ever used and literally makes my skin glow. The pads are gentle with no burning or other side effects. I recommend the system to everyone!

Dallin T.